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Netflix launches Play Something

Posed platform Netflix has a feature called Play Something across TV sets, with mobile support coming soon, and the platform has been conducting public tests of the tool (formerly known as Shuffle Play) since last year.

The new feature allows users to switch between the proposed movies and TV shows, as knowing what to watch in light of the thousands of options available poses a dilemma for many people.

Netflix has always tried to solve this problem by constantly adjusting its algorithms while providing suggestions based on your moods and interests.

The company has been testing this feature for months, under a variety of names, but today it marks its first official appearance around the world for all users of the platform.

When you open the Netflix app, you see the Play Something button below your account picture, and you can also find it in the 10th row across the home page or in the navigation menu on the left.

After clicking the button, Netflix will start playing a specific group, and the selected content may be new, or content you have been watching.

And you can skip to other content with Play Something Else if the option Netflix suggests doesn’t reach the goal.

Also, you can always exit the feature and head over to the normal menu as well, meanwhile, Play Something has full text-to-speech support for those who use screen readers.

Netflix from Play Something’s goal is to get you to see something on the platform as quickly as possible, and the faster that happens, the less time you spend scrolling through the list.

Netflix stresses that the Play Something button isn’t just a shuffle button, instead, the feature uses your existing account and your flair for shows and movies to display similar content based on the types of things you’re watching.

The feature helps Netflix mimic the traditional cable experience, and this feature can help it attract viewers to the company’s exclusive content, allowing it to retain subscribers.

In its fourth-quarter 2020 earnings statement, the company said customer response to the play something advantage was positive.

The number of subscribers in the company reached 208 million paid subscribers at the end of the first quarter of 2021.

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