Nest Audio .. Google’s new smart speaker

Nest Audio .. Google’s new smart speaker

Announced a company Google officially during the event (Launch Night In) for the new smart speaker (Nest Audio), which is the latest in a series of smart speakers supported by Google’s smart assistant (Google Assistant).

And (Nest Audio) replaces the original (Google Home) released in 2016 as Google’s mid-range smart speaker.

The company renewed the famous Home Mini speaker and placed it under the (Nest) trademark at the Made by Google event last year.

The Nest speaker lineup is expanding this year with a new amplifier to fill the gap left by the original Google Home speaker that the company recently discontinued.

And (Nest Audio) comes above (Nest Mini) and below (Nest Max) in terms of cost and specifications, with a price of $ 99.99, and it will be available from October 5 in 21 countries. His request Primarily now.

And like the Nest Mini, it’s wrapped in fabric, which you can get in a few different colors.

And there are four color LEDs built into the fabric that light up when the speaker is listening or responding to a voice command.

You can choose from dark gray, light gray, green, pink or blue color options.

Apart from the new design and updated sound, (Nest Audio) does everything that other smart home speakers supported with Google Assistant do, such as play music, control smart home devices, tell you about the weather, etc.

You can pair multiple units in a stereo system or other multi-room audio configurations.

Google claims that the sound in Nest Audio is 75 percent louder compared to the Google Home it replaces, and has 50 percent stronger bass response.

Amazon is the competitor The main company for Google in this area, as Amazon recently revamped its popular smart speakers (Echo).

The Nest Audio competes with the Echo, which also retails for $ 99.

The main differences between them are in the design, as the Echo is now spherical compared to the rectangular shape of the Google device.

There is also a difference in terms of the voice assistant, as the Google smart assistant runs the new Google device, while the Amazon Alexa assistant runs the Amazon device.

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