Neo .. a smart watch for children featuring Disney characters

Neo .. a smart watch for children featuring Disney characters

Held a company European Telecom (Vodafone) has partnered with Vodafone a company (Disney) Disney to launch New device Wearable for kids called Neo.

Vodafone says the Neo combines its technology capabilities with Disney’s entertainment features to create a wearable device that gives children a sense of independence while allowing parents to stay connected.

The brand of Disney represents the most prominent feature of Neo’s watch, as the watch allows children to choose from a group of characters that are placed on the main screen of the watch, including Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian, Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story and Minnie Mouse.

Vodafone says: The characters move throughout the day, and the company plans to add more characters over time at no additional cost.

Besides introducing the magic of Disney, Neo is mostly focused on keeping parents in touch with their kids, with some smartwatch features added.

Using the watch, parents can call, send text messages, and get updates on their child’s location from the Vodafone Smart App.

And parents can use the app itself to create a group of trusted contacts to send text messages and calls and limit screen time with Quiet Mode.

And to enhance the independence of the child, the Neo Watch can also receive calendar updates, check weather, track activity and take pictures with the built-in 5MP camera.

Vodafone says the Neo will not be launched in Europe until early 2021, when it must be retail for £ 99 with a subscription of £ 7 a month.

It is reported that children’s wearables are not a new category, and there are many other telecommunications companies, such as: T-Mobile and Verizon, that offer this idea, as Apple has entered this field with the Family Setup feature in watchOS 7.

The watch integrates hardware designed by Vodafone’s smart technology team with the software experience of world-class designers at Vodafone and Disney, in a customer-focused approach with the power of interactive design.

The Neo development project is part of a creative collaboration between Vodafone and Disney, and the new product provides a smartwatch experience for kids powered by some of Disney’s most iconic characters.

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