Modern technology gives us many things. .. the most popular Arab website for downloading programs

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Many users of smartphones and computers of all kinds resort to Location, which is a huge library that includes a large collection of Software Computer andApplications Phones.

Computers and smartphones in our time have become the right arm for many people, as many of us use them on a daily basis for many purposes, such as: work and learning, as well as other useful life aspects.

There is a whole government business based on the use of computers, which indicates its great importance.

But these devices will certainly not work alone, and in addition to the Windows, Android or Mac operating system, they need various programs in all areas in order to execute commands and perform difficult tasks.

And speaking of software, today we are talking about, which is the largest Arab site to download programs in all respects in a completely free way.

Through this site, you can get thousands of free programs as if you were getting them from the companies that provided them without violating property rights.

The site includes a large number of programs that exceed more than 3000 programs and systems applications Windows, Android, and Macintosh, in addition to Technical Blog For the site.

Once you enter the site, you find a huge amount of Windows programs classified according to specializations and prepared for download directly through direct servers that support completion, so that if the Internet connection to your device is cut off, you can later use the download completion feature in download management programs, such as: IDM or EagleGet.

The site also contains a set of rare programs that are difficult to find in the form of a single direct link, such as the famous DriverPack package and the full version of Microsoft Visual Studio with one direct link of 38 GB, which are exclusive files uploaded to the site’s location servers.

Given that the site administrators observe the basics of publishing via the Internet and review the controls for using the network, this makes the follow-up of all the contents of the site and respect for copyright is important.

The task of monitoring content, observing copyright, checking links in terms of safety, and being free of viruses is a daily concern that keeps the site’s owners in mind.

It is worth noting that the site was established in 2012 and its founder, Moataz Billah Hakami, is from the Syrian city of Homs, and the order of the site in Alexa today is 10001, which is an arrangement that distinguishes it from the rest of the Syrian sites and makes it in the first place among them.

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