MoleRAT .. a piracy group focused on the Middle East

MoleRAT .. a piracy group focused on the Middle East

An Arabic speaking hacking group called MoleRAT uses phishing emails full of exciting headlines focused on the events at Middle east To spy on government officials.

The group is taking advantage of recent diplomatic activity to conduct espionage operations, and was used Key tech services like Facebook and Dropbox to hide malicious activity.

Represents this group The most recent example Hacking groups move to popular tech platforms to deceive targets or hide tracks.

The spying campaign, which took place between October and November, targeted political and government officials in Egypt, the Palestinian territories, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey.

Hackers used accounts within Facebook to coordinate activity, and Dropbox to store spyware and stolen data.

And MoleRats has developed new backdoors that allow attackers to execute random code and extract sensitive data.

One of the new backdoors relies on fake Facebook accounts to communicate with MoleRAT operators.

“The main benefit is that it avoids surveillance at the network level, where the traffic appears to be harmless,” said Ben Read, a security analyst.

MoleRAT, sometimes referred to as the Gaza Electronic Gang, typically relies on exploiting current events to gather intelligence.

Following the US killing of Qassem Soleimani in January, the group embarked on a hacking campaign using Soleimani-branded emails to lure Palestinian government entities in the West Bank.

The researchers linked the MoleRAT group to Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, and the Gaza electronic gang is an umbrella term for a group of activities. That the group has developed more mature capabilities.

The group invests time and resources to try to keep activity out of observation and evade detection, and it evades well from automatic analysis of the sandbox by checking the Arabic language settings, otherwise the malware will not run.

And theThe discovery of new cyber espionage tools combined with previously identified tools used by the group indicates that MoleRAT is increasing espionage activity in the region in light of the current political climate and recent events in the Middle East.

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