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Mobvoi announces its TicWatch Pro S smartwatch

After TicWatch Pro 3, Announced a company Mobvoi for TicWatch Pro S, a smartwatch with some premium TicWatch features at an affordable price of $ 260.

Features include dual display layering the always-on AMOLED LCD for longer battery life, along with some features dedicated to health apps.

Although the platform itself hasn’t changed much, Wear OS smartphones have improved slightly over the past two years.

Mobvoi’s latest Wear OS watch is just an update of one of its old models, specifically, the 2020 version of TicWatch Pro, which made the watch get 1GB of RAM.

The new TicWatch Pro S has the same memory allocation, but alongside it, there is also a storage capacity of 8GB, twice the brand’s usual capacity.

Apparently, the aim of this upgrade is to leave more space for offline apps and music, but this has become significantly more difficult since the end of Google Play Music and the absence of YouTube Music.

The TicWatch Pro S is $ 40 less than the TicWatch Pro 3, but that price comes with very big trade-offs, like the old processor.

And the more expensive TicWatch Pro 3 contains the new Snapdragon 4100 processor that provides more processing power and battery efficiency to address some of the long-standing Wear OS issues.

But TicWatch Pro S is powered by the old Snapdragon 2100 processor instead, which is one that Wear OS devices have been using since at least 2016.

Although the new watch is slightly thicker than the TicWatch Pro 3 (12.6 mm versus 12.2 mm) and only slightly narrower (45 mm versus 47 mm), it uses a smaller battery.

And compared to the TicWatch Pro 3’s 577 mAh battery, the new watch comes with only 415 mAh battery.

The Always On Display option on TicWatch Pro S is premium and may provide longer battery life than a regular Wear OS device.

The TicWatch Pro S is available in the US, UK and Europe for $ 260 from Mobvoi and Amazon.

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