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Microsoft unveils a new webcam this spring

Indicate News to that a company Microsoft plans to launch a new webcam this spring, after it showed its first camera of this kind in 2006.

The software giant previously offered a variety of web cameras under its LifeCam brand, but has not significantly modernized them for 10 years.

And as the company has done for several years, Microsoft is gearing up for a Surface-style event this spring.

And while the company is expected to announce an update to its Surface Laptop, the company has other accessories on the agenda as well, including The new camera.

And it is said: The upcoming camera includes a privacy cover and supports HDR.

And while Microsoft is using 4K USB-C webcams on the Surface Hub 2, this new webcam is rumored to skip 4K support.

It is not clear what resolution is supported, or whether it supports Windows Hello facial recognition.

It remains to be seen whether Microsoft will choose to use the Surface brand with this new webcam.

Panos Panay, president of Windows and Devices at Microsoft, hinted at Throughout 2018, the company was researching the issue of launching the Surface branded cameras.

“Look at the camera via Surface Hub 2,” Panay said at the time, and notice it’s a USB-C based camera, and the idea that we can offer an HD camera for an experiment, and you can probably guess that’s going to happen.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time that the presence of a new webcam from Microsoft has been rumored.

Reports stated that two new cameras will arrive in 2019, one for Windows and the other for Xbox.

These cameras were never released, and consumers and businesses were relying on cameras from Logitech, Razer, and others instead.

Webcams are fast becoming the gadget of 2020, as consumers flock to buy devices to work from home during the pandemic.

Camera prices also rose briefly early in the pandemic, before supply catches up and demand stabilizes at the end of 2020.

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