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Microsoft turns Surface Duo into a portable Xbox device

Approaching a company Microsoft has turned the Surface Duo into a portable game machine, and many are hoping that with new support for custom layouts when using Xbox Touch controls in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

And theTime Microsoft for the possibility of getting an Xbox-like mobile experience with Surface Duo during the detection of the device nearly two years ago

After launching Surface Duo last year, Microsoft added support for Xbox Touch controls to mobile devices in the Xbox Game Pass app.

But when it comes to Surface Duo, these controls don’t fully take advantage of the dual-screen device’s unique design.

The software giant, through the new update of the xCloud app for Android, offers dual-screen support for Surface Duo for custom layouts in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate app, as well as some improvements that allow games to make better use of Surface Duo dual screens and a wider aspect ratio.

The update allows Surface Duo owners to use a virtual gamepad across one screen of their device and games across the other screen, and it makes Surface Duo look more like a Nintendo 3DS than a mobile phone, with touch controls for a variety of games.

Microsoft says: that when you press the Surface Duo in Compose Mode (which enables Use the device like a laptop computer in the landscape orientation), You will be able to create custom control layouts for the 50+ games available via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

This half-folded setting displays the Xbox Game Pass you play via the top screen and touchscreen controls at the bottom.

You can also use the custom controls to display content, move through menus, and even create settings for buttons in column formats.

And given that Microsoft’s Xbox Touch controls use Surface Duo displays as the default controller, you won’t need any external accessories or add-ons other than an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

You can use a Bluetooth controller or regular Xbox controller to stream games to Surface Duo.

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