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Microsoft services return to normal after the outage

She said a company Microsoft: Its workplace communications platform, Microsoft Teams, and other Microsoft 365 services should return to normal after a previous software update issue caused outages for many users.

The software giant clarified Monday afternoon that users may not be able to access Microsoft 365, Azure and Dynamics 365 services, including Microsoft Teams, Forms, Exchange Online email, and others.

And in a thread of tweets, She said Company: The problem may affect users all over the world.

Microsoft said: We have identified a problem in the recent change in the authentication system, and we are in the process of rolling back the update to mitigate the impact, adding later that fixing the problem took longer than expected.

And the company is published An update Case says: It is rolling out mitigation worldwide, and customers should start to see the situation improve, with a full repair expected within an hour.

An hour later, Microsoft said it had finished publishing the fix, and Microsoft 365 services continued the recovery process and showed decreasing error rates.

A number of large interruptions in cooperation tools in the workplace over the past year have caused frustration among workers and employers who are still working remotely during the pandemic.

On Monday afternoon, Microsoft Teams was a popular topic on Twitter, with users complaining about not being able to attend video meetings or submit assignments.

DownDetector lists over 30,000 issues reports with Microsoft Teams, but the number is down. Later in the afternoon.

Hundreds of users also reported issues with Xbox Live, Microsoft Outlook, and Office 365.

Microsoft now has 115 million people who use the Microsoft Teams communications platform daily, and the service has grown rapidly during the pandemic, as students and companies move to work and learn remotely.

As a result, a global outage like this has affected millions of people trying to use Microsoft Teams to communicate with coworkers, teachers, or fellow students.

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