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Microsoft presents its vision for the future of meetings

Dependent vision a company Microsoft for the future office meeting on the hybrid model, a model that combines remote access and personal work.

Reveals Conceptual video New for Microsoft Teams, the company published before the Microsoft Build conference about a world in which remote workers are shown through huge screens, integrated with hidden microphones, and more.

While the company has been introducing new concepts to Microsoft Teams in recent months, it has now begun to revive an updated interface to the communications program that helps integrate remote colleagues into actual conference rooms.

The video details Microsoft’s plans, which include larger screens to help facilitate face-to-face meetings with remote colleagues in close to normal dimensions.

The company envisions conference rooms where cameras are placed at eye level to improve visual communication and spatial audio that helps you hear the voices of colleagues when contacting them.

It is also supposed to make this spatial sound make you feel as though your faraway colleague is more present in a room.

However, this future meeting room appears to be demanding of a lot of hardware, as customers need new smart video cameras that can detect and view who is speaking, speakers capable of spatial sound and even microphones built into the ceilings.

Microsoft itself may introduce some of these devices, as the company recently started selling smart speakers to Microsoft Teams, helping to revive this future conference room scenario.

This futuristic conference room is part of a wider push from Microsoft to prepare for what it sees as a hybrid approach to work, with more employees working remotely or out of the office.

Satya Nadella, CEO of the company, says in a blog post outlining the company’s approach: Hybrid work represents the biggest shift in the way our generation works, and this approach demands a new paradigm that encompasses people, places and processes.

Microsoft is releasing a guide for companies looking to adopt a hybrid model, with data and research conducted during the pandemic.

Microsoft has gradually opened its headquarters in Redmond in recent months, and remote meetings have become a major focus.

“Microsoft meeting recordings are becoming the fastest growing type of content, and employees now expect all meeting information to be available on demand, quickly at a time that suits them,” said Nadella.

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