Microsoft: Please don’t blow cigarettes on Xbox Series X!

Microsoft: Please don’t blow cigarettes on Xbox Series X!

The new gaming platform from a company Microsoft (Xbox Series X) Xbox Series X only two days, but the company is forced to ask users not to blow their e-cigarettes into the platform.

Since the launch of the new Xbox Searcy X platform last Tuesday, videos have begun to appear on the platform’s social media claiming that the platform is heating up rapidly, leaving smoke out of the ventilation holes in the upper roof.

People quickly started questioning the videos being so fabricated, and then the Spanish-language Xbox Studio account on Twitter showed how the smoke emerging from the platform – which was allegedly due to overheating – could have been from vaping smoke from the stage.

The video posted by the Xbox Studio account so far has garnered the most 14.1 likes, prompting some users to experiment with blowing smoke into the platform themselves.

Then he published the official account of the Xbox (Xbox) platform on Twitter Tweet Users request that they do not blow vape smoke into the platform. “We can’t believe we have to say this, but please don’t blow vaping smoke into your (Xbox Searcha) X platforms,” ​​he said. Then the head of the Xbox marketing department – (Aaron Greenberg) – posted another tweet in which he said, “Put the electronic cigarettes from your hands and pick up the controller.”

When asked about a comment about the videos that claim to show smoke coming out of the (Xbox Sear X) platform, a Microsoft spokesperson said: The company takes all product safety reports seriously and is conducting further investigations.

It is reported that the gaming platform (Xbox Series X) was launched last Tuesday with the smaller and less expensive version (Xbox Series S), where the first sold at $ 500, while the other – which lacks the drive and support for 4K resolution – is sold at a price. 300 dollars. Sony will launch the competition platform (PlayStation 5) on Thursday.

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