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Microsoft Office gets Dark Mode

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Microsoft has added Dark Mode to its Microsoft Office app System Android.

While the Microsoft Office app was available on Android and iOS more than a year ago, only the iOS version has included built-in dark mode support so far.

The Microsoft Office program via the PC has supported dark mode for some time, and it displays most of the user interface elements in black except, in the case of programs like Word, the pages themselves, because the paper is white.

On the other hand, Android has also supported apps’ dark mode largely in a native way since Android 10 was released more than a year ago.

And theAdmit Sourab Nagpal, Microsoft Product Manager, said: “It has been a much-wanted feature by many of our customers.

He added: Many people prefer to use dark mode as they find it provides a more comfortable visual experience for reading and working on mobile devices.

The latest Microsoft Office app for Android now enables dark mode automatically if you set it as a system preference via your Android device.

You can also switch to dark mode from the Home tab in the Microsoft Office application.

The software giant says: It is rolling out the dark mode for the Microsoft Office application via Android in the coming weeks, so it may not appear to all users immediately.

The Microsoft Office app for Android combines Word, Excel and PowerPoint in one application.

While all three services, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel were initially available as individual applications for each, Microsoft made a decision not long ago to combine all three into a single application that fits all.

The unified application helps you get work done on a mobile device, with its many rich capabilities for creating PDFs and images, scanning, capturing notes, and more.

It also includes quick actions, like scanning PDFs, or even capturing whiteboards, text, and tables in digital versions.

And you can Download The application for the Android operating system from Google Play Store.

Microsoft wants to obtain user comments and notes about the dark mode directly through the application, by clicking on the account icon in the Home tab, and then selecting Send Comments.

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