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Microsoft makes Xbox Party chat free

Announced a company Microsoft is currently testing changes related to free games, including the ability to use Xbox Party Chat.

The new Xbox Update preview comes to the Alpha Skip-Ahead episode, and the update means Xbox owners can play free games, including Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone and Apex Legends, without an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Microsoft’s policy has always been a weakness for Xbox users, because Sony and Nintendo do not require subscriptions to their online services to play free games.

Microsoft’s release notes are shared at PostAnd, the release notes are in part: Xbox Live Gold membership is no longer required to play free multiplayer games andSearching for groups and group chats on Xbox – we’re testing these changes before general availability.

The Xbox Party Chat is a surprising addition to Microsoft’s announced plans to remove the firewall for free multiplayer games.

The removal came after Microsoft had to reverse course over a planned price hike for Xbox Live Gold membership.

The company announced in January that it would raise the subscription price to $ 60 for a period of six months, and the news was criticized globally, leading many to point out that the price was not only absurd, but a subscription was inexplicably required to get free games.

The software giant has renamed its Xbox Live service to Xbox Network, which is part of the dashboard changes the company is currently testing.

The latest Xbox Update preview includes many other changes, including new firmware for the new Xbox Wireless Headset, which improves microphone monitoring levels. A fix for Edge browser, where players cannot select objects with the joystick.

Microsoft said: There are still some known problems, which need more time to be fully addressed, and one of the problems is that some users reported that the mouse does not work properly in Minecraft.

The company notes that some of the updates made to the versions of these preview operating systems include background improvements that ensure the build quality and stability of the Xbox platforms.

With these changes currently under test, Microsoft is on its way to making its online platform more user-friendly.

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