Microsoft launches a platform to manage corona vaccines

Microsoft launches a platform to manage corona vaccines

Developed a company Microsoft is a platform for managing corona vaccines through Microsoft Consulting Services MCS, which helps organizations adopt technology solutions through digital strategy, data insights and sales.

As the world prepares to administer the Corona vaccines that companies such as Pfizer and Moderna have developed for the public, the next big challenge that awaits us is the safe and fair distribution of these vaccines.

To this end, Microsoft has forged various partnerships with organizations from the public and private sectors to ensure the reliable delivery of vaccines worldwide.

Microsoft’s offerings include vaccine management solutions that focus on patient enrollment, vaccine staged scheduling, and data analysis and prediction dashboards.

Some Microsoft partners are using the company’s cloud infrastructure to integrate directly with existing healthcare records and artificial intelligence capabilities to provide predictive analytics, and the complete solution also includes Microsoft Teams for secure communication.

Microsoft has partnered with Accenture and Avanade to meet global vaccine distribution needs, and together these companies provide vaccine management and distribution solutions to healthcare authorities around the world.

Microsoft stated that it is working with its partners to ensure that its new solutions are integrated with existing registration systems wherever possible; To keep costs low, and to ensure that Corona vaccines are delivered in a safe and timely manner to people around the world.

And in Post On the new platform geared towards customers from governments and health care organizations, officials stressed the importance of the role that technology can play in ensuring the safe and fair distribution of the Corona vaccine.

Microsoft and its partners are actively working with customers on vaccine management solutions that can handle provider and patient registration, phased vaccination scheduling, reporting, analytics and forecasting.

MCS developed a vaccination registration and management solution called VRAS, and as the name suggests, it undertakes evaluation, registration and scheduling of vaccine deployment.

It can track and report the progress of the vaccination process through secure data exchange using standards such as: HL7, FHIR and other APIs.

HL7, or HL7, refers to a set of international standards for transferring clinical and administrative data between software applications used by different healthcare providers.

Health service providers and pharmacies can monitor and report the effectiveness of specific batches of vaccine using the tool.

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