Microsoft is testing xCloud streaming at 1080p

Microsoft is testing xCloud streaming at 1080p

Put a company Microsoft is the final touches on the Xbox Game broadcast app for Windows computers, which includes access to streaming games from the company’s xCloud service, which has not been announced or released yet.

After its launch, the app allows Windows users to stream games from Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X consoles and from xCloud.

You cannot currently stream games from the new Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X platforms to Windows computers, as this is not supported by the app. Xbox Console Companion Present.

The new app solves this problem and also brings xCloud streaming to Windows computers for the first time.

Has We got our first look at xCloud for the web from MicrosoftThe company started testing streaming games from its xCloud platform through a web browser, and it has improved a lot since then.

The dedicated remote play feature works to connect to Xbox platforms Similar to how the current Xbox Console Companion works.

And you can activate the gaming platform remotely, log in and play games wherever you are.

And there’s now full touch support, allowing your Surface or other touch devices to play Xbox games without a joystick.

Microsoft also appears to be preparing for some form of GPS support as well, and there is an option to enable it, but it doesn’t appear to be fully functional yet.

Given that this app is still an internal beta app, it is therefore incomplete.

And Microsoft also appears to be preparing to stream at 1080p to xCloud, instead of the 720p resolution found today.

Obviously, this will improve the experience across Windows computers.

It remains unclear exactly when this application will be made more widely available.

It is rumored that Microsoft Plans For next month’s What’s New in Games event, so we might hear a lot more about the company’s plans for xCloud for web and iOS as well very soon.

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