Microsoft is renaming search engine Bing

Microsoft is renaming search engine Bing

Brought back a company Microsoft on Monday named its search engine Bing Microsoft Bing, as part of its trademark change efforts.

And the American software giant announced the new move in Published On her blog, but she did not go into details of the reason behind adding her name to the name of the search engine, but indicated that this comes within the framework of “the continuous integration of our search experiences across the Microsoft family.”

This renaming means that the search engine will now use its updated logo on the homepage. It is not clear whether the company will terminate the old logo in favor of the company-focused logo, or use it in the future.


It is noteworthy that the company has worked in recent months to try a new logo for the search engine (Bing), with some of these actions appearing in the company’s search engine on a temporary basis.

The giant search company also chose to add Microsoft to many of its products in recent years, including: changing (Windows Store) Windows Store to (Microsoft Store) Microsoft Store, and recently changing the name of the office applications service from (Office 365) Office 365 to (Microsoft 365) Microsoft 365.

The Microsoft Edge web browser and Microsoft Teams video conferencing service use the company’s trademark, while the Xbox game platform still does not use the company’s trademark, and its Surface series of computers.

Alongside this renaming, the company is gradually improving its separate product, Microsoft Search, which displays results across Windows, Office applications, and more. Microsoft Search also appears within the Bing engine to provide organizations with some kind of intranet search for documents and more.

On Thursday, the company announced its new laptop (Surface Laptop Go) Surface Laptop Go is designed to be a more affordable alternative to the company’s other premium devices.

The new laptop is one of the cheapest Surface devices so far, as it is available at a price of $ 549.99, and it is aimed at users of Chromebook devices running Chrome OS from Google. And only the Surface Go 2 (Surface Go 2) device surpasses it in price, which sells for only $ 399.

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