Microsoft is developing digital vaccination records

Microsoft is developing digital vaccination records

Operating a coalition of health and technology companies, including Microsoft And Oracle and Salesforce, on an initiative aimed at making it easier for people to digitally access their coronavirus vaccination records.

Given that people are starting to receive the Coronavirus vaccination, they may need to prove that they have been vaccinated in order to be able to return to work, school, or travel, Having an easily accessible digital vaccination record can help.

The coalition calls itself the Immunization Data Initiative (VCI), And theAccording For the statement Journalist, the coalition’s vision is to enable individuals to obtain an encrypted digital copy of their vaccination data for storage in a digital wallet of their choice.

And if you do not want to use a smartphone, you can receive papers containing QR codes that contain verifiable data.

The VCI Alliance says it is working to generate data using health card specifications SMART, Which is designed to allow people to store vaccination information or lab results in a digital wallet.

And the VCI press release does not provide a timeline as to when organizations administering coronavirus vaccines can generate these records, so it is unclear when you can add a record to the digital wallet.

And with people in the United States receiving paper cards that record the time they got their coronavirus vaccines, it is unclear how, or if, these records will be transferred to the digital standard for the VCI Alliance.

Another obstacle may be the involvement of health centers, as some service providers may have more resources to integrate this data into the vaccination process than others.

It is reported that the VCI Alliance is not the first alliance to consider the digital record of vaccination against the Corona virus, Similar efforts are under way to develop models for the current vaccine documents required for some countries to enter.

These vaccines are documented against diseases, such as: yellow fever or polio, andStarted One effort, from Estonia and the World Health Organization, to develop a digital certificate for a coronavirus vaccine in October.

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