Microsoft is bringing Together Mode to Skype

Microsoft is bringing Together Mode to Skype

Company announced Microsoft On bringing the Together Mode feature to its Skype messaging app, in what appears to be a new attempt to revive the service’s presence in the visual communication market that has witnessed tremendous growth during the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19) COVID-19 pandemic.

This feature – which uses Together Mode to use artificial intelligence technology to place the user with other people in a virtual environment – is one of the best video calling features the company has launched earlier in its Teams video conferencing service.

The user needs to enable the feature to have at least 5 people with a webcam, and the feature will place everyone in a virtual environment as if they were sitting next to each other.

The user does not need to install the Skype app to take advantage of the Together Mode feature, as it works through the web version of the service, even without the need for an account. Skype users can create a Meet Now meeting, and share the link with anyone to join.

Microsoft launched the Together Mode feature for the first time last July to enable Teams users to hold meetings in virtual environments that make them feel as though they are in a meeting in the real world. The NBA began using the feature to bring basketball fans onto the field in a virtual experience during live matches. Now it appears that Microsoft has decided to bring the feature to Skype.

The American software giant had started working on Together Mode since the outbreak of the virus. It uses artificial intelligence technology to make users’ face and shoulders level as if they were actually sitting together.

In addition to this new Together Mode feature, Microsoft also added its own Large Grid Mode feature to Skype so that the user can see everyone’s picture at the same time.

It contains this The latest version From Skype, available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and the web, there are more background options, and it allows people to add friends to current calls using their phone number.

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