Microsoft has special events in the coming months

Microsoft has special events in the coming months

Plans a company Microsoft for a series of news events over the coming months, which are supposed to focus on categories such as: games, the cloud, and Windows.

The software giant is devoting time to specific groups at a time when the pandemic is shutting down personal events.

Microsoft’s first event will take place later this week, February 4, entitled Reimagining the Employee Experience. Focusing on what’s next for business and Microsoft 365.

Focusing on how users can empower people and teams to be at their best, the event features Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft 365, and Jared Spataro, the corporate vice president for Microsoft 365.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Microsoft officials focused on how tools and technologies could help improve well-being in the workplace.

The company is planning similar events focusing on what’s next for its cloud ambitions, in addition to gaming, Windows and security in the coming months.

Microsoft typically discusses a wide range of its products at events, such as Ignite or Build, and this continues, but these separate events are designed to highlight what its product changes mean for entire categories.

The Windows event will likely focus on a comprehensive visual revamp of Microsoft’s operating system, now codenamed Sun Valley, and the company’s efforts at Windows 10X.

Microsoft is making an effort to fix the user interface for Windows this year, with visual changes planned to improve the OS’s consistency.

Microsoft also has big plans for games in general throughout 2021, especially with Xbox Game Pass and xCloud.

Microsoft’s custom gaming event will likely focus on the company’s plans to expand xCloud and gaming efforts, in a year that sees Reimagined E3.

This whole approach to news events from Microsoft differs from previous years, in which it occurs During a year when many people continue to work and even study remotely.

The pandemic has reshaped entire industries and is likely to fuel many Microsoft advertisements through 2021.

If the events are successful, it may even shape how the software giant plans its news ads for the coming years.

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