Microsoft Edge makes sure you never miss important notifications

Microsoft Edge makes sure you never miss important notifications

She added a company Microsoft earlier this year a new feature to the Microsoft Edge web browser hides notification boxes that are commonly used by news publishers, social media platforms and websites to send links to content, spam, or even malware.

Web browsers send alerts to users only when they are open in the background. If the browser is not running in the background, users may miss important updates, such as: emails, appointments, or scheduled reminders via the website or the PWA progressive web applications.

Another problem with this approach is that users are treated with a flood of notifications when the browser is launched the next day.

To address this problem, submit Update Microsoft Edge is now a new feature that uses a new set of APIs to enable support for background web notifications.

This allows Windows 10 users to receive notifications while Microsoft Edge is closed, and reduces web alerts by enabling the real-time notification experience.

The feature is now offered to anyone who uses version 85 of Microsoft Browser under version 20H1 of Windows 10 and later versions.

Microsoft is also working to enable support for notification badges within the taskbar.

This feature was always limited to native apps like: Mail, Calendar, etc., but it has now arrived for Microsoft Edge’s progressive web apps and installed websites.

Previously badging for progressive web applications only works when the web application is open, and if you close the browser or the web application, you will not see the icons on the taskbar.

After updating, progressive web applications support icons on the taskbar when the application is not open.

Microsoft recommends, in order to use this feature, you upgrade to version 85 of the Edge browser for progressive web applications and version 87 for websites. Installed.

This feature works with Windows 10 version 20H1 and later.

And for websites that want to use the Microsoft Edge badge systems, Microsoft has introduced instructions Regarding that.

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