Microsoft Edge brings a large number of improvements

Microsoft Edge brings a large number of improvements

Issued a company Microsoft, version 88 of its Chromium project-based Microsoft Edge web browser, with performance improvements for (dormant tabs) feature, (vertical tabs) feature, and improved tools for managing cookies.

Microsoft’s team has been working since August On correcting Microsoft Edge’s performance on performance benchmarks.

The company offered in a month September A new feature called (Sleeper Tabs), which can significantly reduce memory and processor usage, as well as reduce the load on laptop batteries.

This feature is rolled out in the 88 Beta version and boosts performance by putting inactive tabs into sleep mode to free up system resources for active tabs or other applications.

According to Microsoft’s internal testing, (Sleeping Tabs) reduces memory usage by 32 percent on average, and processor usage by 37 percent. in the middle.

Version 88 includes an option to put tabs to sleep after five minutes of inactivity, and provides group policies for administrators to manage (dormant tabs).

The browser now includes a new feature called (Startup boost), Which makes the browser run faster by running it in the background, and is an experimental feature currently rolling out to some users only.

Version 88 also comes with a feature (vertical tabs), which helps users to manage multiple tabs.

Microsoft says: (vertical tabs) allow users to move tabs to the side, as vertically-positioned icons and titles make it easy to Long Sites have the process of quickly recognizing the tabs they want to open and jump to.

There are a number of other updates and changes in the beta version of the 88 version of the Microsoft Edge browser, including the removal of the Flash Player program from Adobe.

Adobe is preparing to stop support for the flash player program at the end of the year, and released the latest security update this week. It also urges people to uninstall flash player software before the end of its life span.

Starting on January 12, 2021, Flash content is banned, and last month Microsoft released an update to the Windows 10 operating system that permanently removes Flash Player software.

Version 88 offers security alerts if a user’s password is found in an Internet leak.

The new version should make it easier for users to manage site permissions, and delete cookies from third parties.

Users can also sort cookies by entity, by name, by number of cookies, by the amount of data stored, and by the most recent modification.

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