MeWe .. a privacy-focused social network

MeWe .. a privacy-focused social network

Millions of people give up Facebook They turn into the MeWe social network which has been billed as the ad-free future of social networks.

And on advice from Tim Berners-Lee (Tim Berners-Lee), The inventor of the World Wide Web, (MeWe) has grown to 9 million users worldwide since its launch in 2016.

The social network does not have paid marketing ads, Mark Weinstein said (Mark WeinsteinMeWe CEO: We check our phones 150 times a day, but phones depend on us more than we do.

The business model for Facebook and other social media platforms is to track, analyze, and monetize our data.

Our personal information is shared and sold via data companies used to target us and manipulate us through marketing from social media companies, advertisers and politicians.

Real privacy is a relic of the past, says Weinstein, and the more time we spend using social media, the more revenue social media companies can earn from advertising revenue.

And since we share all of our information via Facebook and other social media platforms, it is easy to extract this information and sell it to the highest bidder.

(MeWe) says: It is leading the privacy revolution in social media, as the social network has a privacy rights document that gives its users complete control over their data and privacy.

There are no ads, no targeting, no recognition of faces, no data mining, and no tampering with the news feed. MeWe is available on Android, iOS and the web in up to 19 languages.

And theThe platform contains features such as: news feed for contacts and close friends, pages, private and group chats, private and public groups, hidden content, stories, live audio and video, voice messages, personal cloud storage, and (MeWe) magazines.

(MeWe) was named the Most Innovative Social Media Company of 2020 by Fast Company, and it is Entrepreneur’s 2019 Entrepreneur Company of the Year.

The network has a “Freemium” revenue model that gives users the basic social media experience for free, and offers optional enhancements that they can purchase.

These improvements include additional space For storageLive video and voice calls, and MeWe magazines.

These subscriptions mean every post can be viewed by every fan, friend, or follower, and there are no algorithms to limit shares.

MeWe also has the MeWe Pro edition intended to compete directly with Slack.

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