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Messenger gets a bunch of new features

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People depend on Messenger more than ever to keep in touch with friends and family, and accordingly, lost Submitted a company Facebook has a bunch of new features and updates that help people feel each other even when they are far from each other.

And according to Facebook, the new features help you express yourself better, find what you need and stay in touch.

Features include new chat features Star Wars and Selena to help you celebrate your favorite series and customize your conversations.

The company has also introduced new camera stickers on Messenger Kids to celebrate the diversity and influence of the people of the Asia-Pacific islands.

You can use one of four Messenger Camera stickers to support and raise awareness of key issues important to the Asia Pacific Islander community.

Children can explore the richness and diversity of unique traditions, histories and cultures across Asia and the Pacific Islands with a series of Messenger Kids camera stickers.

Facebook has created an easy-to-use sticker reference guide to help parents have more in-depth conversations with their children about the cultures of the Asia Pacific Islander community.

And if you like voice messages, Facebook makes it easier to go hands-free by clicking to record via Messenger.

Now you no longer need to hold down the microphone, as the click-to-record button allows you to craft an audio message while you do other things and makes it an accessible feature.

Most people want to archive inactive threads to keep their conversations organized, while allowing access to them for future reference.

With that in mind, Facebook introduced the Archive Archive swipe feature in Messenger to organize the message inbox, along with a new Archived Chats folder via a mobile phone that allows people to quickly switch to old chats more easily.

Instead of having to manually search for archived conversations on your phone, just click on your account picture and select “Archived chats” for a full list of archived conversations.

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