Melomania Touch .. promises a battery life of about 50 hours

Melomania Touch .. promises a battery life of about 50 hours

Launched a company Cambridge Audio is the latest line of wireless earbuds called Melomania Touch, which promises to improve sound quality and battery life.

The company claims that the new Melomania Touch wireless earbuds provide 50 hours of total battery life – 9 hours inside the earbuds themselves, plus an additional 41 hours in the case – when used in low power mode.

The innovative high-performance sound mode offers up to 7 hours of battery life inside the speakers themselves, with an additional 33 hours in the case.

Inside the headphones, there are 7 mm motors optimized with graphene, which is the preferred material for its toughness and strength, and the company says: The graphene material produces a deeper, clearer sound and realistic sounds.

The earbuds use touch controls instead of the large buttons found in their predecessors, making them ideal for audio enthusiasts looking for high-fidelity audio on the go.

The company says: The headphones are crafted using data points aggregated from more than 3,000 ears to ensure the perfect combination of long-lasting comfort.

You should be able to find the comfortable fit thanks to the inclusion of silicone tips in various sizes, and the weight of the speaker is less than 6 grams, making it lightweight.

The headphones block the noise to some extent, although they do not offer any active noise cancellation built in, and there is also a Transparency mode, which allows you to hear more from the outside world.

The touch controls also allow you to play and pause music, skip tracks, change the volume, call Apple Assistant or Google Assistant, or make hands-free calls.

The company says Melomania Touch benefits from amplification technology similar to what it uses in its hi-fi CX amplifiers, claiming that it delivers more sound range, less distortion and higher dynamic range than ever before.

The headphones support Bluetooth 5.0 with AAC and AptX codecs, and promise excellent microphone quality as well, thanks to Qualcomm’s Clear Voice Capture technology that cancels out background noise.

And the new Melomania app lets you adjust settings for audio equalization, helps you find lost earbuds, check battery life, and download firmware upgrades.

The Melomania Touch is charged via USB-C instead of the old Micro USB, and supports an IPX4 rating for water resistance.

The company says: The new wireless earbuds will be available for purchase from January 1, 2021, at a price of $ 150.

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