Manchester United club reveals a security breach

Manchester United club reveals a security breach

European football club Manchester United revealed an incident related to cybersecurity that affected its internal systems.

The soccer club said it was still investigating the accident and could not determine whether Penetration Intruders may be allowed to access data related to fans or store customers.

While the club has remained silent about what the hackers have accessed, it said the incident had not affected its primary media channels, such as its website and mobile apps.

Club officials said on statement Journalist: All platforms required for games at Old Trafford remain secure.

Manchester United officials said they discovered the attack and took swift action to contain it, which reduced its impact.

The club explains that it is now working with security experts to investigate the incident and reduce the disruption of information technology, and Manchester Police have also been notified of the accident.

The club has comprehensive protocols and procedures in place for such an event and has trained for this risk, although this process is complex.

The club’s electronic defenses identified the attack and suspended the affected systems to contain the damage and protect the data, and the club said in a statement: We are not currently aware of any breach of personal data associated with our fans or customers.

Manchester United is considered the second major British team to reveal a major security breach, as Arrive A July 2018 hacker accessed Liverpool FC’s IT network and collected data on the club’s fans.

Other British football clubs have also been targeted by phishing attacks, which are looking to steal club payments, according to a report published by the UK’s National Cybersecurity Center in July this year.

The same report also revealed that one of the unnamed clubs had also been subjected to a ransom demand attack that affected the access gates to the stadium, and the incident was remedied in time for the next match, allowing fans to enter the stadium.

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