Made for You .. a clothing service from Amazon

Made for You .. a clothing service from Amazon

Launched a company Amazon Served it A new called Made for You that lets shoppers design their own T-shirts to fit their size, and so on Based on their exact measurements.

And shoppers can customize the shirt based on fabric type, color, length, fit, neck and sleeve length.

The special shirt is priced at $ 25, the service is available to anyone in the United States, and the shirts can have your name printed on the label as a small feature.

And unlike some companies that use mobile technology to scan and measure your body via apps, Made for You asks for: Users provide them with height, weight, body style, and two photos of themselves, taken with the Amazon app.

And Amazon builds a virtual body model of a user’s body to display the specific measurement and visualize what the clothes will look like on their bodies.

Amazon says: It automatically deletes any photos that the app takes after building the user’s virtual body, and users can delete the information about their measurements at any time.

Amazon describes Made for You as part of its ongoing effort to solve the challenges of online shopping. Over time, the company hopes to expand the service to more styles based on user feedback.

Customers can choose from only two body style options at launch – feminine and masculine – and Amazon said it plans to add more options as it collects additional data.

The service adds to Amazon’s growing fashion ambitions, as in September the company launched luxury designer fashion brands and offers a wide range of branded fashions on its site.

Luxury stores and Made for You are using 3D body modeling technology, which Amazon bet on a lot when it acquired Body Labs 3D imaging company in 2017.

In recent years, Amazon has entered the realm of personal shopping experiences, competing with the likes of the subscription service Stitch Fix.

Her experiences included Prime Wardrobe, a service that lets Prime members try out clothes before they buy, and Echo Look, a device that provides fashion recommendations.

Influencers including Blake Scott, Caralyn Mirand and Sai de Silva are promoting the new service on behalf of Amazon, and special clothing is often seen as a luxury that makes this service more affordable.

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