Mac users face problems launching applications

Mac users face problems launching applications

Mac users started Mac Today we are faced with unexpected issues that included applications that take minutes to run, lags, and unresponsiveness throughout macOS, among other issues.

And it seemed that the problems started around the time they did Camel With the introduction of the new version of Mac OS, which is macOS Big Sur, but the system affected users of other versions of Mac OS, such as: Catalina and Mojave.

Other Apple services have faced slowdowns, interruptions, and strange behavior as well, including: the financial service (Apple Pay), the messaging service (messages), and even TVs (Apple TV) Apple TV.

And it didn’t take long for some Mac users to notice that Trustd, a process in Mac OS that checks Apple’s servers to make sure the app is reliable, was trying to contact a host named, but it failed to connect properly Frequent. This resulted in a system-wide slowdown as applications attempted to run, among other things.

Users who opened the console and ran a filter to find the error encountered several consecutive errors related to the trustd process.

The affected hostname is believed to be responsible for validating all types of Apple-related encryption certificates, including: The certificates used by the app authentication function. The authentication function was first introduced by Apple in the Mojave system, and then it became mandatory in the Catalina system.

And theAnnounced Apple, on Thursday, announced the launch of the new Big Sur version of the macOS operating system, also called macOS 11.0, for compatible Mac computers.

And Apple announced during its annual developer conference WWDC 2020 Last June, it reported the latest version of its macOS laptop and desktop operating system.

The macOS Big Sur system is the first version of the macOS operating system that runs on new Mac computers that run on Apple’s M1 processor, in addition to their old devices powered by Intel processors.

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