M1 … a 165-inch foldable MicroLED TV

M1 … a 165-inch foldable MicroLED TV

Revealed Consumer Electronics Corporation C SEED unveiled television M1 with a 165-inch screen that folds and disappears into the ground when not in use.

At the touch of a button, a column silently rises from the ground and unfolds to reveal the enormous 4K MicroLED display, mounted on an aluminum base.

The screen consists of five separate MicroLED panels that, when held in place, look like a unified display with invisible seams.

The manufacturer says: MicroLED is brighter than OLED and offers the same benefits of high contrast and deep blacks, but without pixel burn.

Are sold television The M1 is priced at $ 400,000, but the price does not include the installation, which requires enough space to hide the TV underground.

The company says on its website: The floor opens with the push of a button and a machined aluminum column rises from the ground in a matter of seconds, creating a 165-inch screen that provides users with With an immersive entertainment experience.

The M1 is scheduled to be delivered to customers from the third quarter of this year, andC SEED claims TV represents the next pioneering step in the home viewing industry, representing an evolution compared to Wall Mounted TVs.

Alexander Swatek, Managing Partner at C SEED, said: “Large wall-mounted TV screens in these environments are an anachronism in modern interior design. Therefore, C SEED has taken a completely different path and created revolutionary design.

The M1 is available in different colors, including gold, black and silver, with the ability to choose tires to suit all tastes, space requirements and settings.

“The M1 delivers unique entertainment of great quality without compromising the character of the room, and is the only ideal solution to integrate large TV systems into a spacious contemporary interior,” said Swatik.

MicroLED displays rely on millions of small self-emitting units that emit red, green, and blue light and combine to produce stunningly sharp colors.

Some of the best tech companies, such as Apple and Samsung, expect MicroLED displays to replace the best OLED screens today.

MicroLED fixes a common pixel burn issue in OLED screens, which occurs if a static image is left on the screen for too long.

However, MicroLED is not currently able to bend like OLED TV screens. So C SEED built five MicroLED panels that folded, but when joined together it feels like one screen.

The company says: Beyond the capabilities of LCD and OLED displays, the latest 4K MicroLED technology creates stunningly vibrant colors and stunning resolution.

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