Lutron Announces Caséta’s Smart External Plug

Lutron Announces Caséta’s Smart External Plug

External smart plugs are increasingly common, but Lutron believes they have an easy way to stand out, making an external plug that can withstand the worst that nature has to offer.

And the company provided the external smart plug Caséta It’s IP65 rated, which means it’s durable enough to withstand heavy rain, snow, and dust.

The Caséta External Smart Plug is an addition to Lutron’s largest Caséta smart lighting system.

And unlike indoor smart home gadgets, connected external devices face the additional problem of unpredictable weather to deal with.

And Lutron aims to address this with a new smart plug, which is designed to withstand the weather during every season and lets you turn external electronics on and off even when you can’t go out on your own.

And you can turn on patio lights at sunset or other appliances even when the weather is severe enough to keep you indoors.

The plug can also withstand extreme temperatures between -4 degrees Fahrenheit and 140 degrees Fahrenheit and is billed as being sunscreen.

And like an indoor smart plug, this external plug can control the operation of anything connected to it, from outside lights to fountain pumps.

The plug also allows you to automate the process, so if you want to turn on the patio lights at sunset during the summer, the Caséta smart plug can save you the trouble of doing it manually.

The plug also works with any smart home ecosystem, as in addition to the Lutron app and the Pico remote, it can take commands from Amazon Assistant andGoogle Assistant Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, and Ring devices.

The Caséta external smart plug can be used with the Lutron Smart Bridge to increase reliability and responsiveness, in addition to being able to pair the plug with other Caséta lighting products.

Lutron also notes that the smart plug includes a smart timer that takes into account the timekeeping for daylight saving time. Lutron expects to ship the Caséta external smart plug in late March for $ 80.

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