Luca .. an electric car made from waste

Luca .. an electric car made from waste

Dutch students from Eindhoven University of Technology have created a fully functional electric car called Luca made entirely of waste, including plastics being taken out from the sea, recycled PET bottles and household trash.

Eindhoven University of Technology said: The bright yellow and sporty two-seater car can reach a top speed of 90 kilometers per hour and have a range of 220 kilometers when fully charged.

(Lisa Van Iten) said Lisa van Etten Project Director Agency Reuters: This car is really special because it is made entirely of waste.

He added: The body of the Luca is made of linen and recycled PET bottles, while inside we used unsorted household waste.

Hard plastic, commonly found in TVs, toys and kitchen utensils, is used for the car’s body, while the seat cushions are made of coconut and horse hair and the side windows are made from recycled glass.

(Lisa Van Iten) said: A group of 22 students designed and manufactured the car within 18 months, in an attempt to prove the possibility of using waste as a raw material instead of using new plastic materials.

The group built new materials for the car by incorporating waste with flax, horse hair and coconut fibers, but students had to take advantage of some new materials, such as: the steering wheel, pedals, electronics, and windshield, to comply with safety regulations.

Matthijs van Wijk, a member of the production team, said: “We really hope car companies start using waste, as the European auto industry alone is responsible for producing close to a million tons of plastic annually.

He added: This is possible in many applications, and more companies are using waste or biomaterials inside, and we want to show that it is also possible to build a structure out of that waste or biomaterial.

Students seek to obtain a license plate registered from the RDW, and if they obtain a license plate, this proves that it is a viable car and can be driven on public roads.

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