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Long-awaited Apple TV appears in tvOS 14.5

Invested a company Apple is heavily involved in digital content services, but the Apple TV itself hasn’t seen many changes in past years, and in its 14 years of existence, the Apple TV has only supported up to 60Hz.

The current fifth generation device, which was launched nearly four years ago, added support for 4K resolution only, and it has not been updated since then.

And it seems that the long-awaited update may be rolling out soon, as there is a new feature Appeared In the latest tvOS 14.5 beta you hint at this upgrade, which in turn also means a major hardware upgrade.

The new tvOS 14.5 beta supports 120Hz refresh rates – a capability not available on Apple TV models currently available – which may indicate that a company is working on a new version of the device.

It’s not clear what the 120Hz refresh rate uses for the new Apple TV, but one possibility is more fluid gameplay, such as what is offered with support for 120Hz via the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Interest in games has increased recently, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the new Apple TV had more gaming-centric features.

Apple has just added a bunch of new games to its subscription service Apple Arcade, which allows you to play games on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV and transfer your progress across platforms.

Also, beta versions of iOS 14.5, macOS 11.3 and tvOS 14.5 include support for PlayStation 5 controller and Xbox Series X controller, and this support is likely to move to the final versions of the operating systems.

Support for the rumored 120Hz Apple TV is also in line with the report Bloomberg reported in December, who said: Apple is developing a new Apple TV that is supposed to be released sometime this year with a stronger focus on games.

The report also added: The new device contains a redesigned remote control, which should hopefully be easier to use.

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