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Logitech unveils a blackboard camera that hides presenters

While companies like Google prepare to take at least a portion of their workforce into the office, Fired a company Logitech whiteboard camera to help workers collaborate with colleagues off site.

The new tool from Logitech, dubbed Scribe, uses enhanced AI software to make presenters transparent so people viewing the presentation can easily see the whiteboard.

The AI ​​whiteboard camera can also automatically detect post notes and adjust marker color, useful for offices and mixed classrooms.

Scribe is Logitech’s response to simulating dispersed whiteboard sessions, and gives virtual meeting participants a real-time view of the whiteboard.

The AI ​​of the Logitech camera makes the presenter transparent and automatically enhances the contours so that they are easy to read, and Scribe can also detect non-digital content, such as post notes.

“We have worked with great concern toward resolving the issues of providing high-quality audio and video collaboration in both conference rooms and remote desktops, but there remains a gap in integrating non-digital content, such as whiteboards, into virtual meetings,” the company said.

She added: Logitech’s Scribe solution takes advantage of what people know how to do, which is to pick up a mark and draw on the whiteboard, and we are now able to raise the level of collaborative non-digital content for everyone to see in high definition, while being easy to use and share, thanks to its compatibility with the most popular cloud services. Today.

Each Scribe unit comes with a set of mounting components, allowing you to mount it through the wall, and all the cables you need to set it up and operate.

The Scribe product is now available in select markets, starting at $ 1,199, and the camera is currently compatible with Microsoft Teams rooms via Windows and Zoom Rooms, with support for Zoom Appliances available after launch.

And for most other video conferencing services, Logitech said: The Scribe can also function as a standalone USB content camera when connected to a desktop or laptop computer.

Logitech, which makes accessories and peripherals including keyboards, headphones, cameras, and video conferencing equipment, is enjoying strong sales growth across its core product lines amid the pandemic and the shift to remote work and online learning.

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