Live Rooms lets four people live together

Live Rooms lets four people live together

The Instagram platform wants more people to use live broadcasts simultaneously, for that Launched Today Live Rooms feature.

This feature, which will be available globally, allows four people to video chat in a live broadcast, while it was previously only allowing the user to broadcast live with another person, similar to Facebook Live.

The company says: It hopes Live Rooms will open more creative opportunities in relation to live broadcasting to allow for things, such as live talk shows, extended questions and answers or interviews, music sessions, live shopping experiences, and more.

In addition to being able to live broadcast with more people, Instagram also explains how the new feature can help creators earn more money.

And last year, in the early days of the coronavirus crisis, Instagram introduced badges as a way for fans to support their favorite content creators during a live broadcast video.

Once purchased, badges appear next to a fan’s name throughout the live video, helping to distinguish their comments and unlock other special features, such as being placed in the creator’s list of badge holders.

Badges became widely available last fall, in three price categories: $ 0.99, $ 1.99 or $ 4.99.

With Live Rooms, fans can buy badges to support the hosts, as well as use other interactive features, such as: live shopping and fundraising.

The company says: It is also working on developing other tools, such as: admin controls and voice features, that are rolling out in the coming months.

To start the Live Room, you can scroll to the left and select the live camera option, then the room address and click on the room icon to add guests, and here a list of people who have requested the live broadcast with you appears, and you can search for other guests to add them.

When starting a Live Room, it stays at the top of the screen while adding invitees. Guests can be added once or individually. This creates opportunities to unexpectedly add guests to live broadcasts to keep fans engaged.

The ability to add more guests to your live broadcast can also help content creators increase your follower base, as all guest followers are alerted about the Live Room.

For safety reasons, anyone who has been blocked by any of the Live Room participants will not be able to access the live broadcast.

In addition, any guests whose direct access has already been revoked due to a violation of Instagram Community Guidelines will not be able to join any Live Rooms.

During live broadcasts, hosts can report and block comments and use comment filters to maintain a safer experience for all viewers.

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