Link to delete Instagram account permanently 2022

The way to permanently delete an Instagram account needs a lot of people who want to delete their Instagram account, but there are a number of obstacles that delete all the information on your account, and it can also be retrieved, and the obstacles in the availability of this feature may be clearing and removing the account, in particular Temporary or permanent, and we are here on our website how to permanently delete Instagram.

Link to delete Instagram account permanently 2022

The way to permanently delete the Instagram account, we will show it in a number of steps, but the person wishing to delete his Instagram account must know that he will be able to return to the account again only after he creates an account using another email, and these are the steps for deletion:

Link to delete Instagram account permanently 2022
Link to delete Instagram account permanently 2022

The person who wishes to delete their account must provide access to the Delete Account link.
Choose Delete Account, then a menu will appear containing some options that say the reason for removing this application until a reason is chosen from among them.
The person enters their password until the account is confirmed.
After that, the user clicks the icon to permanently delete the account, and then clicks the confirmation icon until the account is permanently deleted.

How to temporarily disable Instagram account on Android

Choosing to disable the account is the best choice in order to keep all the data, information, photos and videos of the user, so there are a set of procedures that will disable the account, and this is through a set of steps, namely:

Go to the link to deactivate the account.
The user presses delete account and then presses the icon to temporarily deactivate my account, after that the choice is confirmed by pressing Agree.
It should be noted that if the user disables the account, it will not be restored again until after a number of hours have passed, and this is according to the usage policy of the Instagram application.

How to permanently delete Instagram account on iPhone

There are several steps when followed to permanently delete the Instagram account, using his iPhone, and these are the steps followed:

  • Log in to the user’s personal account through the use of the iPhone, by registering the name and password.
    The user presses on his account picture, until the page containing his personal data in the application opens.
    There are three dots above each other at the top left of the screen, they are pressed and options appear. The icon for providing support and assistance is selected.
    The user chooses an icon that manages the account, and then presses on Delete Account, and then another message will appear until the deletion is confirmed, so the user presses Agree.


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