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Lightroom gets a lot of new tools

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Lightroom gets a lot of new tools

At its Adobe Max event, Adobe announced many powerful additions to its image editor Lightroom On Android and iOS, which allows you to do a lot with your photos, and the best part is that most of its features are available for free, generally with the latest update of the application, it has got some great additions, along with a more powerful color classification toolkit, and there is an option to add images as watermarks .

More detailed, the Adobe Lightroom app now supports three controls, and you’ll be able to individually arrange highlights, shadows, and midtones to refine each section of your image, and if you prefer to review previous edits for your project, Lightroom will now do that automatically, which you can access from the tab Versions.

Adobe Lightroom

With this update, Lightroom skipped text watermarks, by supporting image tagging, so you can finally add your logos or customizations when exporting the image, and it does not stop there, as an album-sorting tool called Best Photos has also been introduced. The advantage of artificial intelligence to group similar images together and choose the best shot between them based on different “imaging principles”, so that there is a switch to change the quality limit to prevent weaker images.

The application also got two new tabs, the first named “Learn” and the second “Discover”, with the first to help beginners learn their way around the application, and the second one is for following photographers, so it gives you a summary of content that you learn from in the field of capturing and editing photos. Finally, All of these add-ons are available on Lightroom v6.0, either on Android or iOS.



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