LG TVs bring Google Stadia and GeForce Now

LG TVs bring Google Stadia and GeForce Now

Announced a company LG will introduce two of its leading cloud gaming services, Google Stadia and GeForce Now, to its newer TVs later this year.

Google Stadia is expected to be available in the second half of the year after the 2021 lineup of OLED, QNED and NanoCell TVs start arriving, with GeForce Now arriving at a later time.

The news indicates continued expansion for both services, as Google promised that Stadia will be coming to Google TV, including the latest Chromecast, in the first half of 2021.

Sony announced last week its 2021 lineup of TVs that power Google TV, so you should be able to find Stadia on Sony TVs when it arrives in a few months.

As for GeForce Now, it is currently available via Nvidia Shield, Windows, macOS, Chrome OS and Android, while it is still in the beta phase via Safari for iOS and iPadOS, but it is not included in Any TVs, so LG is among the first in this regard.

LG promises that Stadia is only coming to the 2021 lineup at launch, which includes optimized game settings that combine options that gamers care about conveniently, such as: refresh rate, low latency, The company press release indicates that Stadia is also coming to its webOS 5.0 lineup for 2020 later this year.

Lee Sang-woo, Senior Vice President of Corporate Business Strategy at LG Electronics Home Entertainment, said: “Supporting Stadia via LG TVs is our commitment to customers as gaming has become an increasingly important feature that LG TV owners expect.

He added: Stadia is changing how people access their favorite games and we’re early committing to the platform by providing compatibility with webOS.

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