LG showcases OLED TV for bendable gaming

LG showcases OLED TV for bendable gaming

Offered a company LG Display at this year’s virtual CES show its new 48-inch curved OLED gaming TV, which can go from flat screen to curved screen with the press of a button.

And flexible viewing directions can allow you to watch flat-orientated TV and play g-spot games.

The company’s video also shows how the screen could be used in a first-person racing game in the cockpit, which looks like another practical use of flex TV.

And if you prefer to play racing games with a flat screen, you can do that, and you can also choose the curved screen if you find it more attractive.

The TV can be converted to a flat screen while watching TV, while using it as a curved screen while playing The curved screen provides a uniform viewing distance from the center to the edge of the screen.

The TV can bend up to a 1000mm radius, offering a refresh rate of 120Hz, and offering a variable refresh rate from 40Hz to 120Hz.

Also, the OLED bendable TV has LG’s CSO Cinematic Sound technology, so the screen vibrates to create the sound instead of the speakers.

Older concepts used a screen that was 9mm thick, but LG lowered the thickness of the part that makes the 48-inch CSO bendable screen vibrate to 0.6mm.

OLED technology is newly gaining attention in the gaming TV market due to its superiority, as each pixel emits its own light, providing unlimited contrast ratio.

This delivers another level of lifelike picture quality, with a seamless experience provided by a 0.1ms response time, 120Hz refresh rate per second, and a variable wide refresh rate range from 40Hz to 120Hz.

And for gamers who watch screens for an extended period of time, LG’s OLED screens are especially suitable because they are known for their eye comfort.

They are recognized and approved by the world’s leading certification organizations that they emit low levels of blue light and are flicker-free.

Chang-ho Oh, head of TV business unit at LG Display, said: “The CSO bendable display is optimized for gaming as it increases the use of advanced technology that produces another level in terms of providing an immersive experience and a better environment for gamers.

And LG Display announced several news at this year’s virtual CES, announcing a concept The smart bed with transparent OLED panel, With Its smallest OLED TV panel yet.

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