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LG has stopped making smartphones

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have taken a company LG is an important step towards closing its mobile phone business. And the last of its phones came off the production line, and the company will not manufacture the phones after a day.

And the South Korean company announced earlier this year that it is leaving the mobile phone industry entirely.

The announcement left the Android market with fewer options for flagship or more affordable devices.

It was reported that the company has, as of today, ended the production of Android smartphones.

Site explained Asian Economy LG has finished production of its last smartphone before its complete exit from the market this summer.

This comes nearly two months after LG announced its intentions. The company continued making mobile phones for a few more months to fulfill contracts with carriers.

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The end of LG’s smartphone production was no surprise. The company previously stated that it is honoring its recent contracts with telecom companies and other entities, something that has clearly been accomplished now that production is nearing an end.

The question remains, what is the next step for the assembly lines and facilities used in the production of LG smartphones.

The factory in Vietnam, which was the backbone of smartphone production, is turning into a home appliance production line.

The company previously decided to expand its home appliance production line at its factory in Vietnam, which is the largest smartphone production base, and ensure succession of employment for employees of local smartphone factories.

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Leaving LG:

LG is leaving the entire smartphone market on July 31, according to its previous schedule, despite the company’s commitment to provide three years of Android updates for released smartphones.

The company has extended the operating system upgrade support period to 3 years for flagship models and 2 years for some low-cost models.

This came by adding one year to each of the existing flagship models and some low-cost models.

And after-sales service is supported for 4 years from the date of manufacture. Consumers who use LG phones can use the service centers in the same way.

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