LG announces the new LG Gram lineup

LG announces the new LG Gram lineup

Announced a company LG about its 2021 Gram notebook lineup, which features a new design as well as some internal upgrades.

As usual, LG is taking advantage of CES to introduce updated versions of its Gram lightweight laptop lineup.

For the year 2021, the company says: The laptops are certified from the Intel Evo platform, which aims to certify that the laptop can have a battery life of at least nine hours, fast charging and a quick wake up from sleep.

LG hasn’t changed the basic features of the Gram lineup, as this line of laptops is known for being extremely lightweight.

The weight of the Gram 17 is about 1.3 kg. The same weight as its predecessor, it is unusual to see a 17-inch laptop that weighs less than 1.5 kilograms.

The computer has an aspect ratio of 16:10 to get a little more space, so this ratio is available Greater vertical area than traditional 16: 9 ratio.

In addition, LG says: The new clamshell models have a slim design on all four sides and the screen occupies 90 percent. The company also explains that it has enlarged the keyboard and touchpad for comfort and efficiency.

And all computers include Intel processors of the eleventh generation and can come with Iris Xe graphics or UHD graphics, random access memory of up to 16 GB, and devices have fingerprint readers.

The 16- and 17-inch models contain a large 80-watt battery that LG says: it can run for up to 19.5 hours without a connection, while the smaller models contain a 72-watt battery.

“The LG gram brand continues to elevate the ultra-thin and lightweight laptop market, synonymous with unprecedented portability and first-class performance,” said (Jang Ik-hwan), LG Senior Vice President and Head of the company’s IT business unit. .

“The latest gram of laptops gives consumers the ability to enjoy better productivity and immersive viewing experiences wherever they go, thanks to sleeker designs and a 16:10 aspect ratio while maintaining its lightweight,” he added.

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