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Lexus’ LF-Z offers a look at upcoming electric vehicles

Trace a company Toyota rest of its peers in the all-electric car industry, and that now includes its luxury brand, Lexus, where Revealed Japanese brand of concept vehicle LF-Z, which is about charting the company’s path towards an electric future.

And Lexus was not very enthusiastic about electric cars, it revealed its first car in late 2019, and even after that it was selling a purpose-modified version of an existing car to a limited audience.

However, the Toyota-owned brand is ready to deepen its commitment to electric vehicles, and has just introduced the LF-Z that hints its way towards electric vehicles.

The concept car gives an idea of ​​the simple and captivating look of Lexus electric cars.

The new all-wheel drive technology, Direct4, promises more precise control of electric motors that adapt to different situations and provide fast performance.

Essentially, Direct4 is just a branded version of torque vectoring that propels power to each wheel independently, improving grip in high-performance situations.

Lexus estimates a time of three seconds to go from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour.

The company also expects a range of 373 miles from a 90-kilowatt battery, which has been positioned linearly to stiffen the body and keep the cabin quiet.

The interior is designed around a distraction-free environment with a head-up display, a driver-focused touchscreen system (there are no passenger-side screens here) and an AI audio assistant that recognizes your preferences while keeping your eyes on the road.

The keys installed on the steering wheel and the front screen of the car have been greatly coordinated to create a space with different functions, such as: navigation system, audio system and driving mode selection.

The touchscreen roof panel helps you talk to rear seat passengers, and like Tesla, there’s a new steering wheel instead of the traditional steering wheel.

The carmaker is also preparing for a day when the car owner uses a digital key and lets others access his car, whether it’s a friend on the way or a courier delivering packages to the trunk of the car.

And don’t expect the LF-Z to reach production without major changes, as it represents a set of technologies Lexus wants to achieve by 2025, when every model the company produces will have an EV or hybrid version.

The company said: It is offering 20 new cars by 2025, and only 10 of them are fully electric, hybrid or hydrogen-powered.

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