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Lenovo manufactured a gaming chair with a katana stand

Manufactured a company Lenovo is a limited-edition gaming chair with a katana – a long double-edged sword used by a Japanese samurai – on its side.

Lenovo’s latest gaming chair is primarily aimed at the animators, but before you can imagine spinning the chair with a sword, there is no katana in the holster.

And you can’t buy the chair, only 5 chairs are being offered for promotion in Japan.

And if you live in Japan, follow Lenovo account Japanese Twitter, and then retweeted the tweet, andtry to Win this chair.

This is a custom version of a pre-existing model, Lenovo says, in which the chair colors match the Giyu Tomioka character’s clothing color scheme from the Demon Slayer series and a replica of the Nichirin Blade.

And it seems to be a perfect place to sit down and play games like: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Ghostrunner, Overwatch or even Cyberpunk 2077, if you prefer using swords over guns.

The design includes a satin material with the Lenovo logo on the head, closely resembling a gaming chair provided by RESPAWN in the USA.

This chair has a separate back support and a head support pillow that can be adjusted independently of the chair.

Lenovo is not a major player in the gaming chair scene, but its Demon Slayer-themed innovation shows that it can easily compete if it so chooses.

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