LEGO introduces the White Noise audio playlist

LEGO introduces the White Noise audio playlist

Launched a company Lego named musical playlist LEGO White Noise, A new playlist designed to help listeners find a moment of relaxation in their busy lives.

The playlist consists of a series of roughly 30-minute audio tracks, created with the distinct sounds that Lego blocks make, sounds recognized by generations all over the world.

Each Lego element creates a unique noise, which is why designers experimented with more than 10,000 items in their pursuit of the perfect soothing sounds.

The result is an audio playlist that includes tracks, like It All Clicks, that perfectly capture the joyful sound of the two Lego elements that meet together.

There’s also The Waterfall, created by pouring thousands of Lego blocks on top of each other, while Wild as the Wind uses lego cubes to simulate the sound of trees rustling in the breeze.

And like other White Noise tracks, the playlist is designed to help listeners find a moment in their day, making the menu the perfect audio companion to fall asleep, unwind, or unwind with Lego items.

The White Noise playlist can be accessed for free from over 15 different music streaming platforms, including Spotify and iTunes.

The White Noise Playlist was released from LEGO to accompany the immersive LEGO Botanical Collection building experience, after research found that nearly three-quarters (73 percent) of adults are looking for new ways to de-stress.

The findings of the report were collected from a total of 18,117 parents and 12,591 children between the ages of 5 and 12 years through a 20-minute online survey across 18 markets (Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Mexico, Romania, Russia, South Africa and Korea. South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, UK, Ukraine and USA) between May and June 2020.

The new LEGO Botanical Collection includes the LEGO Flower Bouquet and LEGO Bonsai Tree, which are designed to provide adults with immersive building experiences to help them express their creativity and de-stress as they build a beautiful model that can be proudly displayed upon completion.

Both sets are now available through the company’s website, Lego stores and other retailers worldwide.

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