Launch of Techtionary Glossary of Technical Terms

Launch of Techtionary Glossary of Technical Terms

I launched an initiative Think Tech – In conjunction with the celebration of the International Day of the Arabic Language – Glossary of technical terms Techtionary with the aim of enriching Arabic content with Arabic technical terms.

The dictionary also aims to standardize technical terms, in addition to preserving the integrity of the Arabic language, solving linguistic problems, and producing a distinct and purposeful dictionary to support society and those interested in digital technology.

And is available Glossary of technical terms Techtionary comes in three forms: it is an interactive PDF version, an electronic dictionary within the initiative’s website, in addition to a mobile application that is supposed to be launched at a later time.

The dictionary is a technical reference for school students, teachers and entrepreneurs, professionals and researchers in technical fields, especially with regard to terminology emerging technologies that the initiative focuses on.

Assistant Undersecretary for Future Skills and Digital Knowledge at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Engineer Faris Al-Saqabi, emphasized that this dictionary comes in the context of encouraging initiatives that contribute to enriching digital Arabic content.

Al-Saqabi expressed his hope that this launch will be the beginning of a unified work that brings together technical academics, agencies and institutions working in the communications and information technology sector to develop dictionaries in line with technical developments, especially the techniques of the fourth industrial revolution, and the lack of Arabic terminology that accompanies this rapid development. And meet the needs of many segments that are interested in Arabization, on top of which is the student population.

At the end of his statement, Al-Saqabi noted that this is what prompted the Ministry, represented by the ThinkTech initiative, to complete the first phase of the glossary of technical terms, which has many advantages.

Among the most prominent advantages provided by the dictionary are the synonyms for the Arabic and English term, in addition to introducing the user to how to use the term in a correct sentence, as well as the ability to copy the chosen terms and ease of sharing them through social networking sites.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology launched the ThinkTech initiative in September 2018 with the aim of exploring technical developments, achieving sustainable development and building an integrated, creative and conscious generation.

The initiative is considered as an umbrella for strategic awareness projects Saudi Arabia in order to Realizing the Kingdom’s vision 2030 in digital transformation aimed at strengthening the role of the telecommunications sector in building a digital society and a thriving economy.

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