Kohler unveils the smart silent bathroom

Kohler unveils the smart silent bathroom

Announced The leader in designing and innovating kitchen and bathroom products, Kohler announced several new additions to its smart home portfolio with a focus on personal well-being, including the smart silent bathroom.

Kohler introduces four new products during the first-ever virtual CES: the smart silent shower, the smart toilet and the contactless bathroom faucet, as well as two new products in collaboration with Phyn.

And given that millions of people around the world spend more time at home, they crave balance and seek to escape the stresses and worries of everyday life.

The experimental smart silent bath takes its inspiration from the Japanese jungle baths, where water, light, fog and aromas converge to create an immersive journey of the senses designed to calm the mind, relax the body and rejuvenate the soul.

By transforming the bathroom into a spa-like environment, the smart silent bathroom provides a haven of self-care and well-being.

And the Kohler Smart Silent Bath lets you use an app or your voice to fill the water, as the smart silent bath starts filling water from the bottom of the bath, which overflows through Hinoki wood to provide the soothing sound.

There’s also full spectrum lighting that surrounds the bathroom, sets the mood, and creates a color therapy experience.

Fog envelops the silent, clever bathroom surface, giving the shower a feeling of deep relaxation.

Essential oils can be added to the bath experience to quietly emit refreshing scents to stimulate the senses and enhance focus.

And you can also create predefined routines to turn the features on in a specific order so you can set your bathroom exactly the way you want it.

For example, you can have the tub fill itself to a certain level and temperature, and after you’re done, add some mist or turn on aromatherapy, all with a voice command to Alexa from Amazon or Google Assistant.

And if you want to try the bathroom in your home, it will not be cheap, as you have to pay about 9000 dollars just to control the temperature and depth of the water, and if you want to activate the fog and aromatherapy, the price becomes about 11000 US dollars, and both models are available in July. .

There is also a model with overflow floor grids with lighting, estimated price $ 16,000, and will be available in October.

And while the silent bathroom looks stylish, it has to be said: It’s not as impressive as the company’s smart toilet called the Numi 2.0, which it showed at CES 2019 and featured surround speakers, ambient lighting and Alexa audio controls.

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