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Knowing the caller’s number via the computer via Truecaller

You can find out the caller’s number through the personal computer, and this method saves you time if you are sitting in front of the computer or trying to work on it.

Truecaller is one of the most popular platforms for knowing the caller’s number, and it is available in more than one application for Android phones, iPhone and PC as well.

All Truecaller apps use the same database, so there is no difference between an Android app and a PC.

How to find out the number of the caller via Truecaller:

You can use caller ID display service via True caller On the computer through the Truecaller platform website, so to be able to use it, follow the following steps:

Go to Truecaller website Via the browser you prefer, and the site supports all browsers used on the computer, and you must log in to the platform in order to be able to use it, and you can log in with a Microsoft account or a Google account.

You can log in by clicking on the side menu tab on the left side of the screen, and then choosing Log In.

When you reach the main page, you find a place in front of you to enter the phone number you want to search for, now enter the phone number in the space provided for it, and then click on the search sign.

The platform will not take much time to show you the final result, and the account page for the number you entered will show you, which is similar to what you see from the phone.

The page displays the basic personal data of the account such as the user’s profile picture, phone number, e-mail, and the local time of the country of residence.

How to find out the caller’s number through social media platforms:

You can know the caller’s number through Facebook as well, but the person must have previously entered his phone number in Facebook and linked it to his personal account through the platform.

And you can search on Facebook using the phone number through the usual Facebook search, and the search process is based on finding the account of the person who linked him to this number.

Facebook does not contain many phone numbers, so it is not considered the best solution, and you can also use other social media platforms such as Twitter or Instagram if the person has linked his account to the phone number as well.

And you can find out the caller’s number by searching through Google, it will show you all the places where this number was written.

Google search is more suitable for commercial place numbers as they usually register their phone numbers in the commercial phone book or in Google Maps.

There is a set of applications that you can install on the computer to use caller ID services, but these applications are usually from unreliable companies, so I do not recommend using them.

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