Kiosk Mode virtual receptionists available via Zoom

Kiosk Mode virtual receptionists available via Zoom

She said platform Zoom: It has come up with a way to allow people who visit offices to communicate via Kiosk Mode with a receptionist without physical contact, and this includes Initiate a Zoom call normally.

The development shows that Zoom understands that it must ensure that its products remain valuable after people return to the office, after months of working from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

The new feature, called Kiosk Mode, is part of Zoom Rooms, one of the company’s offerings for enterprises, that starts at $ 499 per year per room.

And unlike Zoom’s standard video calling service, which people use via their personal computers and mobile devices, Zoom Rooms is intended for meeting spaces, such as conference rooms.

After the office visitor enters the lobby, he or she heads to the touch screen equipped with a camera and amplifier and clicks a button to initiate a call with the receptionist.

The visitor talks to the receptionist via Zoom, and the receptionist can enable the visitor to enter the office space, such as opening the door remotely.

Harry Moseley, Chief Information Officer at Zoom, said: The receptionist doesn’t need to be in the office.

He added: The receptionist could be at home, he could be anywhere, he could actually be in a different country, and he could support many buildings.

Moseley explained that the Kiosk Mode feature can also help companies reduce the number of receptionists they have on each floor of their buildings.

The epidemic showed that employees can be effective while working remotely, and Moseley expects companies to adopt a mixture of telecommuting and personal work even after the pandemic is over.

This scenario benefits Zoom, which provides a popular way for colleagues to meet virtually, as well as competitors such as Cisco, Google, and Microsoft.

Analysts expect Zoom’s growth to slow down compared to the excessive growth the service experienced during the early days of the epidemic.

Analysts also expect annual revenue growth of 331 percent for the quarter ended January 31, and growth of 153 percent. For the April quarter, along with growth of only 38 percent For the year ending in January 2022.

In addition to the Kiosk Mode feature, the service introduced a method for employees to connect their Android and iOS devices with Zoom Rooms, so that employees do not need to touch a shared device in the meeting room.

Zoom also adds Amazon’s Alexa for Business service to Zoom Rooms, so joining the call is made easier with Alexa voice commands.

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