You are currently viewing KidiZoom PrintCam .. An instant baby camera that prints photos

KidiZoom PrintCam .. An instant baby camera that prints photos

Announced a company VTech announces the new KidiZoom PrintCam for kids’ instant camera that prints photos for a single cent a photo.

Digital cameras for children have been around for a while, but there aren’t many instant cameras for little ones that print an image right away.

Adult models have always been available, but they’re great for young children’s hands and very sensitive to something that’s likely to be dropped.

Also there is a problem that kids take a lot of pictures with new games, and you need to pay $ 0.75 for each photo.

The new instant camera, KidiZoom PrintCam, removes this problem by reducing the cost of each photo to just a cent, so your kids can take as many pictures as they want.

Like the KODAK Printomatic Camera, the KidiZoom PrintCam is a digital camera with an integrated thermal photo printer that uses thermal paper that is much cheaper than film.

Thermal paper is especially cheap when you use KidiZoom PrintCam, which produces only black and white photos. These images lack instant film resolution, and photo paper tends to lose its image quickly.

The KidiZoom PrintCam comes in blue and is about six inches wide and two inches thick, so it is not small in size, but it can fit in a pocket.

And it will be easy to hold for its intended audience of children 4 and over, especially with the thick right-hand grip.

Taking a photo is easy enough – you just need to align the shot and press the shutter, and the photo gets printed on thermal paper in 30 seconds or so.

The lens flips to take selfies, the camera is filled with filters and frames for decorating photos, and digital copies can be transferred to a computer via USB for archiving purposes.

Your kids enjoy taking pictures and putting them up everywhere, or maybe they will distribute them to relatives the next time your family gets together.

VTech plans to sell KidiZoom PrintCam this summer for $ 75, which may sound a bit high and in fact more expensive than the KODAK Printomatic full-color camera, but when looking at the one-cent photo print price, the price becomes acceptable.

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