Kia may produce the Apple smart car in the US

Kia may produce the Apple smart car in the US

The South Korean automaker Kia said today, Wednesday, that it is reviewing cooperation in the field of electric autonomous cars with many foreign companies, without mentioning the report linking it to a project with a company Technology giant Apple.

Kia’s comment, issued in a regulatory file, came after that mentioned EDaily local newspaper online late on Tuesday that a company Hyundai, Kia’s parent company, has decided that Kia will be responsible for the proposed collaboration with Apple on electric vehicles.

Hyundai said earlier this month: It is in early talks with Apple, after local media reported that the two companies were discussing the issue of the electric car and the battery, which led Hyundai’s shares to rise about 25 percent.

Reuters reported in December that Apple is pressing ahead with self-driving car technology and was aiming to produce a passenger car that could incorporate its own battery technology as early as 2024.

Kia last week changed its branding in what it said: It is part of a new strategy aimed at getting the company beyond car manufacturing to create sustainable mobility solutions, without providing specific details about the new projects.

Kia (Song Ho-sung) Chairman said: The change of company name and logo is not just a cosmetic improvement, it is for us to broaden our horizons and create new and emerging businesses that meet and exceed the diverse needs of our customers around the world.

Initial reports mentioned information about the Georgia plant, despite the possibility of establishing a new plant in the United States, and it appears that choosing to use the Georgia facility helps Kia and Apple to collaborate on the project.

It has been proposed that production include the construction of about 100,000 cars in 2024, but with the facility to produce 400,000 vehicles annually.

Apple’s car could appear shortly before, with plans to launch a beta version of the car in 2022.

And it is said: There are concerns that Apple’s smart car could turn any manufacturing partner it chooses into a mere complex rather than an established brand in its own right.

The report indicates that the strength of the Hyundai brand, and that it may weaken if cars carry the Apple brand instead of its own cars, and by handing over tasks to Kia, will not weaken the Hyundai brand.

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