KFC created a gaming platform capable of heating chickens

KFC created a gaming platform capable of heating chickens

KFC revealed in association with a company Cooler Master unveils a bucket-shaped gaming platform that also warms up chickens.

And the fast-food restaurant chain has created a new game console that comes with a built-in room for chicken to keep the chickens warm while playing.

KFC said in a statement: Kentucky Fried Chicken has teamed up with Cooler Master to create KFConsoleIt is essentially a high-end gaming platform with components made by companies such as Intel, Asus, and Seagate.

The fast-food restaurant chain explained that the platform KFConsole Capable of playing games in 4K resolution at 240 frames per second, which is more than the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X can do, it can also run virtual reality games.

The platform, similar to the bucket, has a cooling system that transfers the heat from the ingredients to the chicken room, helping to keep the appliance cool and the chicken warm.

KFC said: The bucket platform features the world’s first compact chicken room, which is equipped to keep its contents hot and ready for consumption during intense gaming sessions.

The cost and release date of KFConsole has not been announced, and Cooler Master said: The platform includes an Intel Nuc 9 Extreme Compute, two Seagate BarraCuda 1TB SSD drives for storage, and an Asus-designed hot-swappable Nvidia GPU.

“This device is capable of running games of the highest specifications, all in addition to keeping your meal warm for you to enjoy during the gaming experience,” said (Mark Sheevers) Mark Cheevers, PR and social media platforms for KFC in the UK and Ireland.

“If Sony or Microsoft want any advice on how to design the chicken room for their next effort, we welcome them to contact.”

“When KFC Gaming contacted us to make KFConsole, we found an opportunity to participate and enter the console war,” said Stephen James, Global Public Relations Director at Cooler Master.

He added: KFConsole is specially designed for the gamer, and the last thing we want is for anyone to feel hungry while playing.

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