Kautelia Kataria is the world’s youngest AI programmer

Kautelia Kataria is the world’s youngest AI programmer

Most children at the age of 6 are more interested in playing games than in taking programming lessons, but this is not the case for Kautilya Katariya, a computer expert from the United Kingdom, who has become The youngest qualified computer programmer in the world Last year he was only six after taking a series of computer lessons.

And theShe said IBM: Kautilya Katariya recently set a Guinness World Record at 6 years and 346 days, making him the youngest Python programmer, and IBM’s developer skills network helped make this possible.

Kautilya Katariya is now seven years old and has been recognized as the world’s youngest computer programmer after completing four professional certifications from IBM for Python andArtificial intelligence, He even set a new Guinness World Record.

And IBM was not kidding when it said: that developers of any age seeking to develop their skills can obtain many new professional certifications in areas including cloud and artificial intelligence through the IBM Developer Skills Network, a free educational platform for spreading courses across Coursera and other sites. Online education.

Kautilya Katariya currently holds at least six different certifications across artificial intelligence and data science, and IBM said: Before reaching his world record, Kataria began reading IBM’s study materials to help him understand computer programming and Python concepts.

Given the impact of the Coronavirus and the need to stay home, taking courses was one of the ways Kataria, with the support of his parents, was able to spend time learning new skills, and IBM’s courses helped him understand the complex concepts of computing, programming, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Kataria focused on Python because he found it was the best programming language for learning right now for artificial intelligence and machine learning, and it took about six to seven months to master Python.

Kataria received five certifications in Python and Artificial Intelligence from IBM in November 2020, and completed the IBM Foundation for Artificial Intelligence Professional certification in edX and the Python Data Science course from IBM Cognitive Class.

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